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October 28


Junghwa Cha, Best poster award, Biochip conference 2016, fall

Title : Microenvironment Adaptation of Patient-derived Glioblastomas within 3D in vitro Brain Microenvironment Model

Author : Junghwa Cha and Pilnam Kim 

Sep 29


Yoonmi Hong, Best oral presentation award, The Korean Society for Biomaterials conference 2016, fall

Title : Decellularization on a chip

Author : Yoonmi Hong, Ilkyoo Koh, Kwideok Park and Pilnam Kim 

May 20


Ilkyoo Koh, Best oral presentation award, Biochip conference 2016, spring

Title : Multiple Invasion Strategies for GBM Cells in Paitient-derived Three-Dimensional Extracellular Matrix

Author : Ilkyoo Koh, Junghwa Cha, Seokgu Kang and Pilnam Kim 




Hyo Min Kim, 2016 Venture Research Program for Graduate and PhD


Title : Anisotropic force applied biomimetic structure with electrospun nanofibers to control cancer stem cell differentiation




Minjeong Jang, Best poster award, MMB 2016


Title : Microbead-based 3D in vitro gastric cancer model for evaluation of drug tolerance

Author : Minjeong Jang, Seungwon Jung, Jae-Ho Cheong and Pilnam Kim 

February 19



Hyunjae Shin, Yemuk Choi and Seungwon Jung acheived their M.S. degree 


Title of thesis 

Hyunjae Shin : Spatially and Directionally Controlled Wrinkles and Folds on a Moduli-Patterned 2D Elastic Substrate under Compressive Stresses

Yemuk Choi : Fabrication of spatial controlled wrinkles and folds structure using stiffness patterning and elastic instability 

Seungwon Jung : Effects of seeding density and collagen stiffness on nuclei clustering pattern of diffuse type of stomach cancer




Yoonjee Oh's article has been selected as an Editor's Picks article in Biomicrofluidics


Title : Capillarity ion concentration polarization for spontaneous biomolecular preconcentration mechanism

Author : Yoonjee Oh, Hyomin Lee, Seok Young Son, Sung Jae Kim and Pilnam Kim

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