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November 29 ~ December 4, 2015


Yemuk Choi, Hyunjae Shin and Junghwa Cha presented their researches at MRS



Yemuk Choi : Fabrication of Metal/Elastomer Hybrid Structure using Site-Selective Folding Instability (Oral)

Hyunjae Shin : Spatially Controlled Folding Instability of Moduli-Patterned Elastic Membranes under Biaxial Compressive Stresses (Oral)

Junghwa Cha : Controlled Fracture-Based Active Microfluidic System Inspired by Drinking-Mechanism of Desert Lizards (Poster)

October 25~29


Junghwa Cha and Ilkyoo Koh presented their researches at MicroTAS



Junghwa Cha : Bio-inspired Crack-Fold Hybrid Microfluidic System (Oral)

Ilkyoo Koh : In vitro Reconstruction of Personalized Microtumors for Anti-cancer Drug Screening (Oral)

July 21



Junghwa Cha was selected as Global PhD Fellow 


Title : Implantable Biomimetic Scaffold to Treat The Infiltrated Human Brain Tumor 

April 4



Junghwa Cha, Best poster presentation award, The 17th Korean MEMS Conference


Title : Controllable Crack-Fold Formation of Active-tuned Microfluidic System

Author : Junghwa Cha, Hyunjae Shin, Yemuk Choi and Pilnam Kim

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